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This is Mehtap

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Welcome to my web site


I am 2 years now, Kaş based nature and human lover; curious and excited about life and living, love laughing and make others laugh, sees the joy in most situations, and shares what i experience in life with others.


My way of sharing with others is mostly around yoga. I give classes almost 10 years now.


Concious movement and togetherness is life shaping experiences, Yoga basically shaped my life in a way that i was dreaming; lighter, joyful, simple. Now in my classes my teaching is based on this 3 element; but mostly joy. I think where joy is we are naturally lighter and simple.

Ialso take it very serious to give my students the physical benefits of yoga, therefore i do quite active classes around mobility, strengthening, stretching and balance. I want to create the feeling of the class

for body; yes i moved all part i am alive!

for mind; yes i was in my body now i feel settled, hımmmm nice, it s a nice day:)


I am one of the teachers of Cihangir Yoga, which is a respectful, well known studio in İstanbul. I also create my own system to teach people how to do yoga by themselves, i gave

this training since 2017.


I teach in English and Turkish. I gave countless classes face to face and over zoom.


I also do yoga camps every year couple of times around Turkey, hopefully someday i will say around world.


Every human is a different color, i like meeting new people and listen their approach to life. I am very happy that i am having this life. I d like learn new things, i just started piano lessons. I also do weightlifting seriously ;) I am a curious, hard working, cheerful, authentic person.


Excited to meet you!



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