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Yoga Events

Yoga And Breakfast


Capra Çukurbağ Yoga and Breakfast Gatherings where you can do your morning yoga with me, than have a gurme breakfast experience from Serra s hands


This Event is happening every two week in Kaş Çukurbağ

We will come together at Capra Çukurbağ

Capra has a garden we will do our session on the grass with the beautiful mountain view of Çukurbağ


All Levels Yoga / Flow with Connection


This session is for anyone, even for the beginners. The theme of the class is connecting and supporting each other. Supporting others in asanas is a joyful experience, get ready to have fun, laugh together! Mehtap will bring the joy element naturally; as you know her 🤗There will be many partner work that you want to learn and add to your life.


Breakfast at Capra


Serra is a talented chef, you will have a gurme experience with her delicious food and artictic presentation 😋



Sourdough bread

Fresh herb hummus

Egg with chard

Cheese plate with dried fruit

Green Spring Salad

Marinated olives

Carob Molasses Nutella

Mushroom Pie

Capra muhammara


Grilled village pepper with strained yogurt


Tomato-cucumber cold cut plate


Amphitheater Yoga Classes


Weekly classes that we gave at Amphitheater are supporting Kaş Street Animals food and treatment expences. My friends and i together running that group, we announce weekly schedule and we meet all the people coming from all around the world.  It s a great experience, if you visit Kaş you must join us

I generally teach Tuesday Class

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