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What do i teach?


After all those years if you ask me what am i teaching i teach Mehtap Yoga :) I see you and bring you what you need. If you worked in any area for years you know what i mean. My work based on Hatha Yoga and Yoga Therapy


I do group classes and private classes face to face and zoom classes.

I do trainings about how to do your own home practice. I have the copy rights of this training; basically i give you every element to do your practice. Many people joined that training and they do their own practice over i years now.


Zoom classes are open to everyone from all over the world. I have English and Turkish speaking groups. Those groups are on almost 2 years


I do group classes in Kaş for the last 2 years, before i was teaching in couple of well known studios in İstanbul


I also do Master Classes for those who wanted to improve their practice to the next level.

I do yoga camps and yoga events 

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